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ow us on WechatBe fresh in spring: Fr▓om inside out with mintBe fresh in spring: From ▓inside out with mintB

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e fresh in spring: From inside out with mint03-09-2018 15:01 BJTSpeaking of spr▓ing, the first image that p

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ops up in your mind may be green plants.As every living thing is enter▓ing a new cycle of life from this se

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ason, we also need to prepare well for the rest of the 300 days.To have a fitter body and a healthier look

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vernment made several moves to

t▓o meet challenges, some herbs could bring delightful surprises.Let's say, peppermint,


alleviate the suffering of the

a magical plant that has been used for such a ▓long time in human history.Its icy freshness h


people who have been largely affected by

as graced our desserts, meat, soup, tea and toothpaste.And a hue from the herb, mint green


the war there.A mobile oven has

is one of the trendy colors for this year.Here are some fresh mint-in▓spired things that y


been ▓sent to Douma with a daily pro

ou can enjoy.Mint teaMint tea ▓can soothe both digestive and nerve system. The fresh leave▓s


duction capac▓ity of five ton

can go with rose petals, ice cubes and mineral water to make a fresh cold drink to accom▓p

our read to

meet the demands of the people

there.On Saturday,

  • any salad.You can also dry the h

  • erb and make▓ hot green tea with it. Ho

  • ney can be a▓dded to enhance the tast

  • e.The water temperature s▓hould

  • not be too high; otherwise the color of

  • a governme

nt-backed shopping festival ki

cked off in Douma wi

  • t▓he plant would be spoiled.Mi

  • nt dessertMint ice cream brings the ic

  • y scent of the herb to a new level.

  • It is often not as sweet as ot

  • her flavors, which is a better ch▓oice

  • th the par

ti▓cipation of more than 40

companies.The aim

  • for people who are not very fond

  • of dess▓erts.There are also mint flavo

  • red macaron and chocolate to give yo

  • u a combination of freshness and

  • sweetn▓ess.Mint and peas soupThe soup

  • of the sh


  • ng festival

    based on mint and peas can ▓provide a lot of nutrition. First, stirfr▓y potato cubes and garlic with butter. When the▓ potato becomes soft, add peas, mint, sea s

  • is to offer a va

    alt and black pepper, and stew for about 20▓ minutes. You can add some chopped mint leaves and ground black pepper in the soup to enhance the flavor.Mint gre

  • riety of▓ foods

    en wardrobeThe mint green▓ and white strip dress wore by Prince▓ss Diana on April 16, 1993, is still a statement-makin▓g look.From runway to high s

tuff and other produ

cts for the people th▓ere a

treet, the hue, along wi▓th other ice cre

ams colors, are this spring and summer's highlights.As the color would make the wearer paler▓, one way is to pair it with other bright shades. It also looks well with metal hues, such as si

t low prices, as part of the eff

lver and metal▓ green.Please scan the QR

Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatXi's war on povertyChina Headlines: Xi's war on povertyXi's war on pov▓erty02-25-2017 10:19 BJTBEIJING, Feb. 24 (

o▓rts to revive Douma and o

Xinhua) -▓- As the president of the most

populous nation on ▓the planet, poverty has never been an issue Xi Jinping could take lightly.In his four years leading C▓hina, Xi, 63, has visited more than 30 impoverished ▓villages and t

ther recently-taken areas in E

ownships, sharing his rich exper▓ience in

poverty-eradication work and putting hi▓mself on the front lines of the war on poverty.Looking back, it has been clear that Xi's deep understanding of and focus on the poor has developed

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throughout his political

career, as he rose from


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e in the northwestern province of Shaanxi, ▓to China's top jo

b.He has often spoken of his first-hand experience living

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